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Hello and welcome to Jasper Sinclaire.com!

Jasper Sinclaire   I hope that you will enjoy your stay and have fun exploring the site!  Here you can learn more about me, my friends and all our adventures!


Uncle Duggie (author) knew it was time for a new friend that children from all over the world could relate to and believe in. His quest?  To teach the world what responsibility is all about in everyday life! That is when Jasper Sinclaire was born. Jasper’s mission is to teach children, from all walks of life, what is expected of them while growing up.  He does just that by sharing the stepping stones:  
  • To be responsible.
  • To be honest.
  • To say no to drugs.
  • To treat others respectfully.
  • To be kind to animals.
  • To seek a solid education.

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