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This is a list of all the books that are out or are planned for the near future!
 Cover  Summary
christmas Jasper Celebrates Christmas - Jasper and his friends discover the joys of celebrating the Christmas holidays and the joys of friendship. They meet Santa along the way. This is the first book in this series about Jasper and his pals.
world Jasper Travels the World - Follow Jasper and his friends as they take on the sea in Jasper Travels the World. What starts out as a normal day, ends with Jasper and his friends building a ship to sail the seven seas. Come explore with them as they sail to a deserted island, discover buried treasure and have tea with the Queen of England. Jasper Travels the World once again shows us that when following our dreams, nothing is impossible - even for a cat.
congress Jasper Goes to Congress - Jasper and his friends continue their mission of spreading goodwill and happiness in their new adventure Jasper Goes to Congress. Follow Jasper as he attends a presidential dinner in his honor, where he meets President Obama and agrees to become an ambassador on behalf of the United States. With his first assignment, Jasper travels to China to meet the prime minister, and along the way encounters opportunities to show people that there really is good in all of us-even us cats.
 9780983134817_CVR2  Jasper Sinclaire, A Cat's Dream - Jasper shares his dream, to help children from all over the world and teach them how to be successful in life with morals and values.
Jasper Goes to Cooking School
Jasper Opens A Restaurant
Jasper Celebrates Thanksgiving
Jasper Visits Santa Clause
Jasper Travel's To The Moon
Jasper Visits the White House

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