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Jasper Sinclaire

Uncle Duggie (author) knew it was time for a new friend that children from all over the world could relate to and believe in. His quest?  To teach the world what responsibility is all about in everyday life! That is when Jasper Sinclaire was born. Jasper’s mission is to teach children, from all walks of life, what is expected of them while growing up.  He does just that by sharing the stepping stones:
  • To be responsible.
  • To be honest.
  • To say no to drugs.
  • To treat others respectfully.
  • To be kind to animals.
  • To seek a solid education.
It’s the pinnacle of success for every child to be loved and be brought up in a stable environment. Where many Children today are abused and pushed to the side with nowhere to go, Jasper believes no child should be left behind. Moreover, Jasper teaches children how to grow up in a forthright manner, and to believe in themselves no matter how tough life can be. By sharing Jasper’s philosophy on life, children can grow up being happy, and healthy.  Able to reach their goals and share their feelings with others who may be in need of a friend, a friend who will be there for them no matter how tough or complicated life may be.

Jasper's Beginnings

It was a cool fall day, the wind was blowing, and the city was on the move as it began to rain. A little boy, who was having his 10th birthday, was being entertained by the great Sinclaire, a Magician. Now, as the great Sinclaire started showing the children special magic tricks he placed a magical hat on his head. Suddenly a strong wind came through the room and blew the hat right off his head! The hat flew out of the window and landed onto the street nearby. Now, Jasper was just a small homeless kitten with no family or friends to take care of him. A lady, walking by, saw Jasper curled up on the corner of the street near the magical hat. Not knowing that hat had magical powers, the nice lady took Jasper and placed him in the hat hoping it would provide some shelter from the rain. While Jasper was slept, the magical hat started to glow blue and moments later a small puff of white cloud appeared. Suddenly Jasper could stand on two legs and use his front paws to hold things! He also realized that he could now talk too! Jasper didn't know what to think. He looked around and saw people and other animals walking around, and it was at that moment that Jasper knew what his main purpose was. Now he needed a fitting name for himself. He spied the name of the Great Sinclaire on the front of the hat, he liked it, but it wasn't enough just yet. His eyes kept wandering about as he noticed a collar on the ground, it said “Jasper”. That was it! That would be his name.

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